snAppdecisions offers a complete array of iPhone/iPad App development services to meet your specific business' needs. Our services include:

  • Graphic Design - we can create a complete visual identity for your company or incorporate your business' existing logos and art-work into your App's design
  • User Interface Design - intelligently structure and organize your information in an efficient, easy to find manner best suited for the iPhone/iPad's screen size.
  • Social Media Integration - seamlessly integrate Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and more into your app.
  • Push Notifications - contact your users directly to keep them informed of your business' latest offerings, promotions and news.
  • Maps, GPS and Location Services - provide your users with not only Maps and step-by-step directions, but also custom content based on a user's location worldwide. So as a user travels to different locations, the App presents them with content that is pertinent to their new location.
  • Cloud Computing - enable your users to save the data they create while using your App and sync it up with their iCloud accounts so that they can then access it from any of their devices, anywhere.
  • Content Management System - as an optional service, we can create a customized CMS for you that will enable you to update your App's contents on your own, by simply going to a web-page and entering information from there.
  • Database Integration - seamlessly link your App to your own backend database so your App always shows the newest most up-to-date products, services, contacts, calendar - and any DB driven information you choose.

To learn more about how we can help bring your vision to life, contact us.